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Full Optional 13_October_2018

House Band 28_september_2018

D-sparsi 22_september_2018

Playrace 25_August_2018

Playrace 25_August_2018 (1)

The Soul Wonders 11_August_2018

The Soul Wonders promo 11_August_2018

Dj for friends 1_August_2018

Blue Velvet 28_July_2018

Blue Velvet 28_July_2018(1)

Jazz for friend 18_July_2018

Jazz for friend 18_luglio_2018 with Enrico e Massimo

Blue Velvet

Blue velvet - (the tests)

Burning Purple _ (the tests)

Burning Purple - Jesus Crist Superstar

Burning Purple

House Band (the tests)

House Band

House Band 1

Funky Monks

Sintesi Live 1

Sintesi Live

It's snowing at the Villa


Full Optional

Imogen's birthday party

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